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Hi, I'm life coach and spiritual mentor Shannon Walbran.

I'm here to help you solve your toughest problems!

In my FREE 100 Questions eBook, I'm teaching you how to:

  • Compose answerable, actionable questions
  • Find answers to your most challenging personal problems
  • Feel loved and supported by your inner wisdom
  • Continually receive helpful advice that makes sense to you

My life's goal is to help you find inner and outer peace so that you are well equipped to work for justice in our world.

I hold a clear vision of you living with confidence, ease, and grace.

Having assisted more than 25,000 clients in live sessions, courses, and on radio and TV, I am a teacher, author, radio presenter, spiritual mentor, and certified life coach who can help you interpret your own inner messages instantly, accurately, and compassionately.

Please use this eBook to compose your questions.

Then, try the 15 DIY methods I describe in the eBook, to hear your own answers and then apply them in real life.

I'd love to help you further, if you'd like:

  • 10-question coaching session
  • "How to Use Angel Cards" club membership and course
  • Seekers, my daily coaching mastermind group

All my offerings are listed on my website, and you can email us on

Always remember, #YouAreGuided

With love,


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