Reality Meditation

We would like to encourage you to see the magic in your world, and to receive our messages which are transmitted through natural beauty, "coincidences," and communication from people near you.

On the other hand, when you get caught between the planes of wonder and wonderING, take a deep breath and do some open-eye awareness meditation. This can be as simple as naming things (and not paying attention to what these things might or might not 'signify.')

Rock. Window. House. Car. Tree. Child. Bicycle. Garden. Light pole.

Don't dwell on each item, don't contemplate it, just recognize it and move on to the next one.

How many objects does it take before you're feeling "present" again?

Use this technique when you start to worry, and when you're feeling "wrong" or "crazy" or just a little confused. When everything seems to hold a hidden significance and you feel as though you've lost the code book, remember that things are also just exactly what they are and no more than that.

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