Today we would like to distinguish between value and values.

Too many people get caught up in the first and forget about the second. Think about value in the senseof a car's price or the ranking of a book on a best-seller's list. Value has to do with numbers, quantifying whether you should pay attention to something or not.

Values on the other hand are Spirit-given. You can appreciate a scene outside, for example, and it reminds you of what's really important. Other values that humanity requires more of are: forgiveness, praise, sharing, appreciation, goodwill, harmony, grace, self-recognition, and peacefulness.

Counting things is often about control. When people have experienced a loss, others ask them "How much?" Quantifying objects and anxiety are tightly bound together.

Sensing things, on the other hand, and feeling love toward them just as they are right now is more associatied with the question, "How?" for example, you might aska friend returning from a holiday, "How was it?" The question invites the story to be told however your friend wants to share it. If you ask only "How much did the hotel cost?" you are receiving limited information.

Numbers are a practical part of life and cannot be ignored, but attributing emotions to countable things is a pervasive mistake happening now in the world. You can do your part to alter humanity's exclusive focus on numbers, and thereby allow values to regain their natural position over value.

We support you.

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