Today's message is about being ungrounded.

Being ungrounded means you feel overwhelmed, dizzy, or tired. When people tell you that you seem to be "flying" or "spacing out," you are visibly ungrounded. Ungroundedness is a signal that you need to take a break.

When you are ungrounded, you are not present. There are a number of reasons you might have become ungrounded. Perhaps you are uncomfortable, or maybe you have been caught off guard. You might have met a negative person. You might feel you need to escape a situation. Last, maybe you're experiencing an emotion that you would rather avoid.

First, ground yourself. Then, take a look at why you might have become ungrounded. One way to ground yourself is by praying. You could say a one-sentence prayer of gratitude, for example: "I am thankful, Amen." Or you could take a deep breath and say, "All is well, Amen."

Another way to ground yourself is to close your eyes and visualize roots growing down from your feet into the Earth. Keep your eyes closed and inhale and exhale several times. Imagine that the are connecting to a stone deep underground. As you practice this visualization over time, you may feel a slight "click" or "tug" when the roots anchor themselves.

You can also ground yourself by looking out onto a landscape. If you can see a mountain or an open field or a tree, remind yourself that you too belong to Nature. If you can see the ocean or a lake, imagine the land beneath the water. You are on the planet, you are supported by the land, you are connected to the planet by the force of gravity. You are here.

The main benefit of grounding yourself is that you are able to receive new information. When you are grounded, your whole system works beautifully and you can hear physical and metaphysical messages much more easily.

Keep well.

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