Sometimes it seems to you that other people are far away from Spirit or separate from Spirit, particularly when they are acting against you.

We have another interpretation. Perhaps they are not acting in their highest good, but you must follow your own guidance and continue with your own tasks and calling, no matter what others do to try to stop you.

Change your eyes, not what you see. Focus on Spirit in every atom of every thing you encounter.

Spirit infuses everything. Spirit is the cause and the material manifestation. Perceive Spirit, and you will respect, honor, and appreciate every person, plant, animal, and thing on Earth and beyond.

This is your task: to give thanks for Spirit among you and within you. You are called to sing the praises of Creation in your own Spirit-filled voice. Go forth and bless everything you see, naming it as a part of Spirit.

Blessing appears easy when life is going well for you. You must remember to keep up your song when the way looks uncertain and your so-called enemies are gathering. Keep your faith strong, keep your song of praise going.

Again we say: your melody is vital to the symphony of all creation. If you stay silent, who will sing your part?

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