Enlightened People

It is often worthwhile to go see people who are known to be enlightened. You can benefit in several ways:

You will see people who have also taken the time for this activity. You will therefore feel less isolated on your path, even if the others are quite different from you. This can expand and diversify your idea of what a "spiritual person" looks like.

When you see the enlightened person, you can check if you feel a resonance or not with the person and/or the teachings. The reason Spirit has given the world so many teachers is that there are so many of you, each with unique learning to do. If you do not like the enlightened person, ask yourself why. Are you rejecting because your beliefs are being challenged?

If your beliefs are being challenged, does that lead you to stand by your long-standing ideas or to enlarge upon them? Either way, respectfully re-examining the faith and practice you brought with you is always good.

The primary benefit from listening to an enlightened being in person is to realize that he or she is also human, like you. This comforts as well as inspires.

Take the opportunity when you can.

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