Question on Friends

Question: Are the people I'm hanging out with good friends for me?:

We will give you six characteristics of good friends. A good friend generally:

1. Remembers important things about you. 2. Likes to do the same kinds of things you do; doesn't always drag you to events where you want to leave. 3. Listens to you. Affirms that your story is important. 4. Is kind to others, including your family, your other friends, etc. 5. Makes time to see you. Calls you, invites you to do things. Makes you feel special; prioritizes you. 6. Is honest with you.

Not every friend will demonstrate these characteristics 100 percent of the time. But if you feel disappointed on a regular basis, check these categories and see which one is not working. You can then address this problem with your friend. That conversation will probably help you decide whether or not the relationship is viable for the long term.

Another point: looking down this list, see how you are acting in your various friendships. Do you need to improve your ability to be a good friend? Also, you could consider why, for example, you aren't able to prioritize a certain friendship, and this might lead you to let that friendship go.

When the course of a friendship has been run, it is much healthier to release it rather than to artificially prolong it.

We wish you well.

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