Today we would like to speak to you about living a long life.

Some of you have been complaining about life on Earth. You think you belong on the other side already. You are tired of the hassles of daily interactions with other people. You say, "I don't belong here!"

We have news for you: yes, you do belong here.

And there are many moments left for you to enjoy while you are here.

Some of you are living like partial ascetics, denying your senses. You are afraid of being corrupted by sights, sounds, smells, and so you deny yourself any of these.

The world is full of beauty, and where there is not pure beauty, there are still interesting contrasts and juxtapositions. You were created with senses in order to use them. The trick is to stay detached while enjoying. If you see a rosebush in your neighbor's garden and you stop to gaze at it, you are appreciating nature. If you stand there for seven hours and neglect your work, or if you sneak over at night and dig up the rosebush to plant it in your own yard, that's attachment.

Hastening your end will bring you no closer to staying in the spirit world.

Wishing for all this to be over is living in the future, not the present.

In fact, the longer you can stay healthy and alive in this incarnation, the more you will be able to use all your accumulated wisdom from this life and your previous lives. We are not referring to artificially extending life through extraordinary means, but taking care of yourself and prospering in your physical body.

The present is a present, and the respectful thing to do is to value it and enjoy it with the tools you were given to do so: your body and your mind. Just use them appropriately, remaining detached and grateful.

We wish you well.

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