Defenses 912Can you remember a time when defending yourself just made things worse?

Sometimes, no defense is the best defense. When is this so?

When you have been falsely accused, reiterating the accusation while protesting your innocence can lock the two (the crime + your name) in the listener's mind.

In a different situation, if you can see that the accuser is in a rage about a separate issue but can't bring that one up, any defense you attempt will still not defuse that deep-seated anger and will just set you up for further bashing.

Last, if the accuser is so upset that you cannot be heard, withdraw from the situation even if it means temporarily letting false remarks go unanswered. You would be wasting your breath.

Your true self acts for your highest good. The more aligned you are with your true self, the fewer mistakes you will make. However, the world is full of people who are far from aligned with their true selves, and you must meet and interact with others every day.

Patience, compassion, and openness to opportunities to gain wisdom. These are the bases of your daily practice.

We wish you well.

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