Active Awareness

What is active awareness-

We have spoken to you of active awareness, and today we would like to contrast that with passive awareness.

In passive awareness, the Ego is the actor. There are three sides to the Ego: I, Me, and Mine.

The first one, I, always wants to be right and to look good. This part of the Ego says, "I am clever! I am never wrong!"

The second part, Me, plays the victim. "The whole world is against Me. Nobody understands Me."

The third part of the Ego, Mine, is all about "my stuff." The Mine aspect causes people to fight and squabble over money and possessions.

In active awareness, the ego (small "e") also has three parts: i, me, and mine. However, active awareness directs the ego (instead of vice versa).

Awareness of and sensitivity to the world moves the "i" to work, play, love, and interact peacefully with others.

Awareness of groups, communities, and societies allows the "me" to feel part of something larger, an important and contributing member of the interconnected whole.

Awareness of what is "mine" helps form healthy boundaries so each person has enough.

In this new pattern, you still have an ego structure, but awareness directs you. Your clear perceptions lead you to inquire, "What is the correct action now? And now? And now?"

These are some of the differences between passive awareness and active awareness. Again, we invite you to be fully present and to pay attention.


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