Our message for you now is about feeling supported.

Many of you say that you feel unsupported, and that you are carrying all of the responsibility. This feeling is causing you pain and suffering.

First, you need to decide what is your responsibility, and you will carry out those duties with honor and excellence. As for those tasks which belong to other people, is there agreement among you about who should be doing what? Do these people know how to complete these jobs? Do they realize it's important to you? Has full communication taken place about what needs to happen when, and why this is essential for everyone's safety?

If the message has not gotten through, try it one more time. Sit down and explain what you need and what needs to be done. Listen and find out where the blocks are. Work to remove these blocks -- it's in your best interest.

If all this happens and the tasks still go un-done, don't pick up the pieces. Feel the effects. If the electricity gets cut because the bill didn't get paid, let it stay off until the person responsible takes care of business. Don't come to the rescue.

What you will learn in this instance is how to give up micro-managing and how to let go of controlling the situation. What you may also learn is how people are unaware of consequences until they are directly affected.

You may be pleasantly surprised at how people snap into action. On the other hand, if they don't respond even when the negative effects are hurting them, too, you will gain a whole new perspective on what makes them tick. Then it will be easier for you to decide what to do about your relationship.

What are your next steps? People who will not act to save themselves even when they have the resources to do so are being self-destructive. If you continue to rescue them, you are joining their ranks.

Take care of yourselves. You have the support of the all-encompassing love.

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