Shattering 712When was the last time you went through a shattering experience? Do you remember how you felt during it? We choose the word "shattering" because many people feel torn asunder or ripped apart.

Perhaps you have heard that some experiences shatter you like a lantern in order to reveal your light. This is true.

Another helpful way to look at it is that once the pieces lie mixed up on the ground, it is you who are called to reconstruct yourself. The new mosaic could be even more beautiful than the original.

How will you react the next time you are shattered? We have a suggestion: accept that it is happening as quickly as you can. Name it. Then, watch it as it happens. This will keep you centered and in your power even as the walls are tumbling down around you.

Observe, and keep observing. Observe then how doubt rushes in and pushes you straight into your Ego! Sidestep doubt and let it pass.

The way out is through.

Exit the hurricane through the eye of the storm.

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