Ethics 712In our message today we commend those who have struggled in their search to do right. The very fact you are struggling indicates that you are making choices. You don't take the first offer that comes along, you wait and decide with discernment.

You are defining how you are in the world with these decisions. Who you are is not in question, but how you are is up to you.

It is difficult for humans to predict the long-term consequences of their actions. The many variants which follow one choice, interacting with the actions of others, would be very complicated to map out, and only a Divine Mind can fully grasp the reasons things happen the way they do.

What is your piece in this puzzle? How do you know when to sacrifice or when to hold back? When to reach out and when to refrain? When to intervene and when to watch as events run their current course?

The simple answer is, "You can't know for certain."

The more complicated answer is to act with pure intention. It is not true that good intentions "pave the way to Hell." Rather, it is intentions unfulfilled or intentions without actions that lead people to their own misery.

"Not doing" is also a choice, and a valid one. But wishing you could act and then not following through will leave you less in your power than before.

Keep struggling, keep choosing, and understand why you are making your choices. Maintain a cool and equanimous mind, and do what you believe will bring about the highest good for all. Act out of love for yourself and others. You will then not regret the consequences.


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