Fifteen percent

Today we would like to give you another message about worry.

Worry is your ego saying, "What's going to go wrong? What's not going to work? What is about to fall apart?"

This kind of thinking is useful to you approximately only 15 percent of the time, but you tend to fill your head with worry most of the time.


Isn't there something positive you could think about instead?

You might object, "Positive is not interesting. Problem-solving is interesting."

But when you worry, you are inventing problems that don't exist in order to solve them in advance.

This is a waste of your time and energy.

You will indeed find an adequate solution IF a problem arises.

You are capable.

It is time to switch gears. Replace worry with dreaming.

When you have a vivid dream while you are asleep, everything flows from scene to scene without any rational explanation.

Actually, life is also like this.

Humans tack on explanations after events, but Time flows on into the next stage without bothering to hash out the why's and wherefore's of history.

Your worry blocks your contact with your Inner Wisdom.

Move on from worry. You don't need it any more.


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