Today we would like to share a message with you about your deep compassion and the strong desire you feel to solve your loved ones' problems.

We see many of you suffering over the problems your loved ones are facing, from joblessness to addictions and just seeming lost in life.

Your heart goes out to them, and you try to help by listening, offering support, and giving them your time and energy.

Your generosity of spirit is commendable! Please keep on.

At the same time, realize that every soul chooses a unique set of challenges. Just like you did.

Taking away someone else's burden completely, if they haven't yet done their own inner work, serves neither of you.

For example, if your loved one is suffering with a gambling addiction and has fallen deeply into debt, what would happen if you just paid off their debts for them, but they didn't go into a recovery program for gambling addiction?

Remember to support your loved ones in their struggle, but neither take on nor take over their problem.

And always ask them what kinds of support they would most appreciate, and try those first. Remember, "nothing about us, without us."

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