Today we have a message for you about hope.

When the rains come, have you ever felt stuck inside? You're waiting for the downpour to stop so you can go out and do what needs to be done.

When the skies clear, you have all that pent-up energy ready to be used!

The moment has arrived -- and often, when you step outside, you sense that the world is a new, clean place where possibilities are boundless.

We would like you to transfer a similar emotional sequence into a different place: your heart.

When you've been hurt, and your feelings are raw, you're more likely to coop yourself up and nurse your wounds.

You seclude yourself for a while to heal. That's understandable.

When you're ready to interact again, the first steps into new friendships can feel a bit shaky -- as if you might trip right into the mud.

Take it slowly. Breathe in the fresh air.

Make sure you're grounded and centered, all by yourself, before interacting with anyone else.

The clearing skies in your heart are an indication that new things are coming your way.

As this unfolds, accept the newness graciously.

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