Please realize that you have access to all the wisdom in the universe.

The source of any confusion you may be experiencing is doubt.

When you doubt, you immediately lose track of the inner knowing that all is well and all is as it should be, at a soul level.

For instance, romantic love offers its own set of confusions.

One confusion occurs in seeing the beloved as manifesting the entire universe.

The beloved appears to be all things at once, in one person.

In this thinking, the lens is turned backwards.

In reality, the beloved is one with the universe, and through the beloved, you can learn about and know everything.

Every relationship, whether it's friendship or romantic, is a workshop on how to be human.

It is doubt in the unity of all there is that causes people to select a single beloved and amass all the good and pure elements of eternity onto his or her head.

What a burden!

It's actually a burden for both: the beloved can never maintain this projected perfection, and the loving admirer must turn blind to avoid seeing flaws.

Instead, look truly.

See that all the good and all the bad of forever are one.

See how each of you participates in the oneness fully, oscillating from good to bad, positive to negative.

You are learning and journeying toward wholeness.

Be aware.

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