Today we would like to send you a message about perseverance.

In your life, there have certainly been times when you just wanted to quit.

Have you ever wondered why the universe just "wouldn't let you" quit a job or leave a relationship when everything pointed toward the fact it was finished?

The answer is that staying in something until you are fully ready to go, inside and out, is the benefit of perseverance.

If you can leave peacefully and in full possession of your powers, you will be shutting the door behind you gently and taking all of your spirit with you.

If you rush out and slam the door behind you, you will probably leave bad feelings on one or both sides.

Think about this when you are near the end of your rope in a situation.

What do you need to reclaim before you leave?

What do you need in order to feel secure and whole?

Try to be your strongest and most together before you exit.

Leave with dignity, and leave dignity behind you.

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