The ways of the universe are not necessarily human ways. Human laws are based on universal principles, but there are some differences.

The first law of the universe is that everything has an opposite.

The next law is that everything eventually becomes its opposite. Night turns into day. A child turns into an adult.

What is alive eventually dies. What is powerful eventually weakens.

Humans struggle to reconcile opposites. Humans don't like change. They like things to stay the same. But that's not how nature works.

How can you not get wrapped up and attached to one of those extremes?

The danger is that attachment creates a large shadow.

Obsessing over the opposite of what you want brings that opposite too often into your consciousness.

For example, if you're in a loving, stable relationship with no history of infidelity, but you constantly doubt that your partner is faithful, your insecurity could lead you to question them constantly.

The best that could happen would be that your loving partner would reassure you and honestly say that they are where they're meant to be; they'd text you and keep you posted.

The worst case scenario is that your harassment of your partner, if continuing and irrational, could lead them to break up with you. Bringing your worst fears to life.

The safest pathway is through the middle.

The middle way is not rejecting either extreme but accepting both.

When you can absorb it all, you heal. You become whole.

Peace to you on your journey.

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