Starting Afresh

Cast back into your memory, and find an incident in which you felt a strong dislike for someone, but later changed your mind and actually developed affection for this person.

Do you recall your process of conversion?

Human beings have an amazing ability to re-evaluate a situation and see it in a new light.

Once real evidence has been brought forward to overturn a case, people can adapt completely different attitudes toward a person who was unjustly accused and incorrectly imprisoned.

But what about your lingering suspicions?

If the person in question has been found "not guilty," and you have plenty of proof, but you still have a nagging feeling that not everything was above board, how do you deal with that?

What would happen if you allowed everyone involved, yourself included, to make a fresh start?

Wipe the slate completely clean. When you see that person again, let it feel as if you are meeting a new neighbor who has just moved in next door.

Challenge yourself to erase any of your leftover bits of "negative reputation."

Think about it: if you were innocent of any wrongdoing, falsely accused, and then found innocent, wouldn't you want the same fresh start for yourself?

And, on the chance that even if you were not completely innocent, wouldn't you still want the chance to begin again?

Let true justice prevail.

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