Question: how do I protect myself when I do healing work?


I am a massage therapist. I work in a healing center where I can't really choose my clients, and sometimes I meet people who feel "strange" to me. I think I need to find a technique, a ritual or something, to protect myself and my aura from other people's stuff.


You are right, it is important for you to protect yourself and your aura when you do massage, energy, and healing work.

Here are three suggestions for you:

First: practice imagining a clean, bright cloud around yourself, at all times

You need to practice keeping your aura "clean" by imagining it as a white, fluffy cloud that surrounds you like a globe. Visualize this aura during the times you are not working - when you are at home or in transit.

Second: draw a boundary light bubble around yourself, and one around the client

The second way to protect yourself is just prior to meeting a client. Take a moment to yourself.

Then draw a very bright, strong circle of light around yourself and say, "What's mine is mine, and what's theirs is theirs."

Imagine yourself and your client as two glasses of water on a table. If the client's water is dirty, that does not contaminate your water, because yours is in a separate glass.

Third: detaching from the client after a session

The third is just after working on a client. Bless and wish them well, and when they have left your area, go and wash your face as well as your hands.

When your hands and face are clean, place one hand on your throat and breathe in and out deeply, once. This will expel any part of the client's energy that you have taken in.

Why boundaries are important

It is all too easy, especially in the healing field, to blend your energies with that of your client. The upside is that they seem to heal quicker.

The danger is that you risk picking up what they brought in and need to get rid of.

In fact, when you mix energies, that is what you are doing -- taking on their burdens. But this serves neither you nor the client.

True healing is strengthening your clients' ability to carry their own burdens, to learn their own lessons.

You do that very well when you remain in your power, strong and healthy, as a model of good boundaries.

All the best for your healing work as you help others and yourself!

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