Today, cast into your memory and recall a time when you helped someone.

Remember when you gave someone an idea, lent something, or encouraged someone to carry on.

Here is a visualization for you about that very action.

Picture yourself wearing a long coat, tailored especially for you.

This magical coat fits you perfectly, and it keeps you just the right temperature, no matter what the weather.

This coat is very special.

All over the coat, inside the lining, along the seams, and on the outside, this coat is covered with small pockets.

These tiny pockets, however, are so cleverly sewn into the coat that they are invisible to anyone but you.

When you meet someone, you have the opportunity to reach into one of your pockets and locate exactly the item this person has been seeking.

It is up to you to:

a) identify what that person is looking for

b) remember to give

c) offer sincerely and without need for reward or thanks

Also, bear in mind that what you think is precious may not be equally valued by another.

Just give anyway.

Thus, you are the embodiment of Providence.

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