Networked into the vast grid of life

You realize you are connected to everything, don't you?

The land beneath your feet -- look around and realize how much it supports: buildings, cars, roads, trees.

Now, do you suppose Earth could also support a single human being such as yourself?

Try to sense the stability of the Earth as an entity.

While it moves through the solar system, and while waves and earthquakes move on its surface, and while molten rock moves within it, to an individual person the Earth does not seem to move at all.

Earth provides relative stability for all of your excursions upon it, as well as your constructions and destructions.

Compare yourself to an atom in space. Without other points of reference, this atom might think it was standing still. If the atom could perceive all of the other atoms around it, it would realize that it is continually hurtling past countless atoms just like it.

For the most part, humans are just focused on themselves and their immediate relationships.

They don't see how they are networked into vast grids of life, consciousness, and energy. They don't feel supported, nor do they sense their velocity.

You are called to get a glimpse into the structure, but not just for the sake of having that knowledge.

Once you realize that you are made of energy, you have a certain vocation to use that energy wisely.

You can augment it, apply it, reflect it, focus it, and most of all BE it -- that is, shine in your own unique way.

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