Greet the sojourner souls with a message of peace

You may have learned that souls are at different "levels." Some people talk about other, fellow beings as more or less "evolved."

Nobility and dignity are signs of soul evolution -- but in behavior only.

Do not mistake rank among human beings as any clue to what is going on inside them.

An earthly king, queen, politician, or billionaire might be a beginner soul, just as a street sweeper, housewife, shepherd, or factory worker  could be a boddhisattva, a highly enlightened being.

It is part of your human quest to seek the spark in other people. You can find it in their eyes and acknowledge the spirit residing within them.

A soul which is not yet awake or which has chosen to go back to sleep will appear glazed over.

A soul at peace with itself will greet you in return.

A soul in conflict with itself may react in several ways - perhaps by shying away, or perhaps by glinting at you with questionable intent.

Keep yourself confident and serene and surrounded by a circle of light. Reach out when it's appropriate. If you feel that the other might not respect your spirit, gracefully withdraw.

Why are you called to make this connection and acknowledgement as often as is safely possible? It is part of your personal development and the development of the whole planet.

The movement on earth now is toward realizing you are all souls, and the more frequently this message is brought across on an individual level as well as on a large scale, the higher the resonance of the planet will become, and thus the easier it will be for you to do the rest of your work.

Please greet everyone with a message of peace. If you can help remind even one person that they are a soul, incarnated - you have done a great good deed.

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