Happiness Capacity

Capacity for happiness

Today we'd like to give you a message about your capacity for happiness.

You may have heard that happiness is a choice. What does that mean for you? We have two suggestions.

1. Select positive people and watch how they react to life. Next, consider your responses to their happiness -- do you ever discount these people for not being serious enough, or for being unrealistic? Take another look at their behavior and notice how they are able to handle more because they take life more lightly. Now adopt some of their methods -- for example, praying more often, seeing the bright side, and letting go of grudges.

2. Tell a good story. Many circumstances are hard to understand, and so humans make up stories to fill in the knowledge gaps. For instance, why is this shopclerk so slow to assist you? A negative story might be, "She is probably always rude to people like me." Turn that story upside-down: "She has had a difficult morning, and nobody has thanked her." Change your behavior to match your altered opinion. Even if the clerk doesn't see your smile or hear your friendly goodbye, you have acted kindly and you are choosing happiness.

Make room in your life for happiness. Make time for happiness to occur. Make it possible for other people around you to experience happiness in their own ways.

We wish you well!

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