The Paradox of Spiritual Growth

"Spiritual growth" is a paradoxical idea, because your soul is a whole entity made of energy.

It doesn't grow in the traditional sense of expanding in size.

Your soul grows in another way -- in capacity.

As you mature into a wiser and more loving human being, you are probably finding that your capacity to understand other people is increasing.

You are developing more empathy. You are becoming more patient.

At the same time, you may be feeling less tolerant of irritants such as harsh noises, smoke, or places with negative atmospheres.

You may want to spend less time in places that you previously thought were OK, but now the ambience seems to grate on your nerves.

Nurture the capacity of your soul by, as often as you can, feeding yourself with appropriate, high resonance materials - good words, pleasant music, lovely things to look at.

Keep your heart at ease and your mind calm. Avoid drama as far as you can.

Your soul is like a plant that is growing steadily toward the sun.

As it reaches its leaves upward, it asks for light and clean water.

It asks not to be stepped on, and so it might even need a small fence around it.

Lay down your burdens, put aside your anger and your resentment -- they are like the soot that coats the leaves and blocks the sunshine.

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