We would like to tell you about luminosity.

You are all progressing toward higher and higher states of being, which could be compared to the wattage of an electric light bulb. As your capacity for utilizing electricity (or soul energy) becomes higher, the evidence is visible in the "lamp" of your external self.

You are meant to shine. What keeps others from seeing your light is the heavy shade of unhappiness and worry mostly made up of fears generated by the ego.

The more you peel back the layers of fear, the more your light will shine. The more you are truly present and aware, the more you will glow. The more you glow and shine, the clearer the path will be for yourself and for others. Encourage the people around you to shine as well -- everyone needs this illumination.

Before you leave home, take a moment or two and cultivate your inner glow. Prepare yourself to greet the world in a state of luminosity. And remember to act not only as a light but also as a reflector to your neighbor's light.

With love,

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