The journey to authenticity

Each human being is on a journey to discover their inner authenticity.

This process develops over time through identifying your desires, tastes, preferences, abilities, and needs.

In a healthy environment, your reaching out will be met and supported.

In less healthy environments, you'll fend for yourself and meet your needs any way you can, and not as often as you'd like.

In a dangerous environment, your desires and preferences will be constantly subjugated to your struggle for survival.

As an adult, it's important for you to see and identify those early forays into individuality as sparks that are still glowing inside of you.

Breathing air onto those sparks now can still ignite them.

Reach into your heart and see who you really are.

Then you will find it possible to love that being.

Self-love empowers you to share your true identity with others.

Locate your authentic self now.

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