Learning is constant. Even when refusing to learn, you are learning to resist

After meditating, I had a strong feeling that my Inner Wisdom wanted to write me a letter, so I sat down and journaled this out:

You are always in the process of learning. Even when you are refusing to learn about something, you are learning about your limits.

In fact, learning is really teaching yourself, or, on another level, allowing yourself to be taught by your Higher Self or your guides.

What implications does this have for you right now?

First, everything you need to learn is within your grasp. And you need to learn both less and more than you might think.

You need to learn less about the physical processes of how to do things -- for example, how to plant a garden or how to operate a machine.

Pay attention once, and hopefully the instructions will come back to you. Look at it and learn it. The key is to trust yourself to remember.

You do need to learn more about how to be. While you are planting the garden, and while you are operating the machine, you need to enhance your being rather than your doing.

For another thing, you need to be aware and focused and present. Oftentimes you are flying away into the past or the future. You are in a physical body for a reason, and it is to experience life in the here and now. Practice that.

The other aspect of learning how to be starts with prioritizing the holiness of interactions with others while you are working.

Unless you are performing heart surgery -- indeed, even while you are performing heart surgery -- interact lovingly with those around you.

Your colleagues, your neighbors, your family members, your friends, and strangers all deserve your loving attention. They are as important or more important than the report you are reading, the meal you are cooking, the shoelace you are tying.

Patience. You are always learning.

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