Your Name

Who are you?

Try to identify who you are by making the following statements:

I am not this body.

I am not my job.

I am not my accumulation of knowledge.

I am not even the sum total of my experiences.

Repeat these statements to yourself once slowly, and think them over.

Now, ask yourself the question again.

If you are not these things, who are you?

You identify yourself by a name, either the name your family gave you or a name you call yourself. Your name is a magic token, as all of the ancient human civilizations knew.

When you use your name to speak of yourself, you have great creative power. You can declare yourself to be any size or shape, and it will be so. You can say you have certain talents or abilities, and it will be so. You can say you are in a certain emotional state, and this will occur.

So, remember to be careful with your name. Don't misuse it, and don't let other people abuse it. Keep your name clean -- this means watching your actions and letting your reputation reflect your integrity.

Your name is a gateway to "who you are." Even though a name may seem laden with cultural significance, your name is just a sound, a combination of vibrations. At the same time, it is a special sound, and when it is linked to "who you are" it helps those beings who need to identify you.

Your inner wisdom speaks to you lovingly with your name.

You are a soul sojourning on this planet to learn how to love.

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