Creating: host a reality creation circle to gather a supportive network around you

Sometimes you might feel yourself a bit lonely, longing for companionship with people who really understand you.

In the energy body, these feelings are related to the root chakra and your sensation of being part of a tribe. These needs are represented by the color red.

It's hard to go through your day interacting with others who don't seem to care about the same things you do. Everyone needs a place to feel at home, "among one's people."

It is crucial for you to feel supported on your path by a community, and so we have a suggestion for how you can create such a loving community to surround yourself.

One simple exercise can start as the focal point for people to gather around. You can start with just yourself and then, as soon as you meet someone appropriate, you can invite one or two more to join you.

The idea is for you to host a Reality Creation Circle.

Each person brings a wish list, and going around the circle, each states the reality of an item or event wished for.

One example would be, "I have a job that completely satisfies my intellectual and financial needs." The statement should be positive and in the present tense.

Another example could be about someone else: "My family member is healed from her disease and is feeling more vibrant than she has ever felt before."

If you have a wish that feels too personal or private to share in front of a group, you may state the following: "This wish in my heart has already come true."

After each statement, the other people in the group have only to nod or say "yes" or something like, "That's right," or "I see this for you."

No arguments should be put forward by anyone, including the wisher, as to why one wish is more or less valid than another.

No advice should be given (during the group time) as to how the objective might be met through conventional means. Of course, afterwards during "tea and snacks," suggestions can be given.

Give this a try, designing it to fit your own schedule.

Even if the results come more slowly than you would like, the positive energy generated by hosting a Reality Creation Circle can be enough to create a small supportive unit that can witness great miracles.

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