You know how wonderful it feels when you have clarity of purpose.

When you are sure about what you need to do, your path opens up.

Getting to clarity sometimes takes a while, but when you finally arrive at the answer, it shines like a beacon.

You might suddenly say, "Of course!"

Once you see the answer, all other options fade away.

One question which will help you arrive is, "Why am I taking on this project?"

Make sure that your "why" is not a "because of" based on the past but a "for what purpose?" leading toward the future.

Taking the next step just "because it is there" differs greatly from contemplating the destination and checking if this next step leads forward.

For example, one does not go to university just because of secondary school, but rather in order to progress in a certain field of study.

Just for a moment, ignore the past completely, and ask yourself, "For what highest good am I embarking on this next adventure?"

Also, put aside all the "how-to's" and details of convenience and logistics. Look deeply at your intention.

The person you are now, and the person you will be once you complete this next chapter, are the same being.

But will you advance on your spiritual path if you undertake this activity? That is a simple yes or no question.

Victory belongs to the one who has strength of conviction and the courage to venture forth, knowing that each journey is both exterior and interior.

Listen for divine help, and watch for signs, but don't hesitate to make a move.

You don't need to wait around until all the cards fall in the right places. You will need to take some risks. Remember, inner guidance is more like a compass than a map.

When you stick to your principles and continually increase your self-awareness, you will orient yourself well and walk in the light. Clarity of purpose will be yours.

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