Releasing past negativity about yourself

Letting go of pain from your personal past is difficult when you keep it with you as if it were the present.

It's as if you continue to carry around business cards from a previous job you used to have.

How can you tell people about what you're doing now if the information you are using is old?

Similarly, how can you see clearly what is in front of you if you are looking through a screen crowded with images from your past?

A powerful journaling prompt is to make two columns on a page.

Label the left-hand column: I used to be...

Label the right-hand column: Now I am...

On the left side, write out all of the traits and beliefs about yourself that you can completely drop now.

On the right side, list your characteristics that you treasure, that you are nurturing, the ones you're proud of and that you'd like to see grow and develop even further.

The person you most need to "impress" is yourself.

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