Believe the Best Will Happen

If you let it, fear can cripple you.

Fear can send you wandering away when you should stay right where you are.

Fear can send you on a wild goose chase, or it can convince you to keep you buying and buying when you already have enough.

Fear is a powerful motivator, but it is a false friend.

Ask yourself, "Am I making this decision based on an expectation that something bad is going to happen?"

Ask yourself, "Am I choosing to act this way because I am afraid I will be punished?"

Know that human ways are not the ways of the Divine. Human logic is not Divine logic.

Eternal wisdom operates from pure love, although this is often misinterpreted on the human plane.

Just keep focused on acting without fear. Believe that the best will happen.

Ask yourself, when things seems particularly scary, "How does this turn out even better than I can imagine?"

As difficult as your journey seems at times, you are truly guided.

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