International Relations

When you find yourself enmeshed in a relationship with someone, whether it's a "good" relationship or not, it's time to examine your boundaries.

Enmeshed means intertwined, interwoven, but to an extreme state.

Boundaries define all living creatures.

No two beings can exist in the same time and space simultaneously.

If you ever think, "I could not live without this other person," you are damaging your uniqueness and your individual nature. Beware of this feeling.

Personal boundaries are like borders between nations. Words and feelings and energy can be exchanged between people, just like goods and services are traded between nations.

People can travel between countries. You cannot be in two countries at the same time, however. Similarly, you cannot be two people at once.

You are yourself for very good reasons.

Respect yourself and other people by staying where you belong and minding your own business. Consider to what extent your entire identity depends on another person's existence. Are you a "sovereign" nation - can you survive on your own?

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