Mindfulness challenge

Most of you would probably say that you pay attention to what you're doing while you're doing it.

However, if you look closely, you are actually doing many things at once.

When you are drinking water, for example, you are also planning your next task.

When you are talking, you are deciding what to say next.

When you are eating, you are thinking about what you're reading or listening to.

Here's a mindfulness challenge:

The next time you drink water, pay attention to the water from the moment it touches your lips until you swallow it.

You have only one opportunity to drink this particular glass of water. If you don't manage pure concentration, take another sip. Try again.

How quickly the mind flies away!

Similarly, you have only one opportunity for every conversation and interaction.

Attempting to re-construct those experiences later on in your memory isn't as vivid as being fully present while it's actually happening.

Apply the practice of mindfulness. Why? You chose to be here, so you might as well really be here!

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