Question on Applying Guidance

GuidanceQuestion: What should I do with the guidance I'm getting?

Dear Friend,

Guidance works on several levels at once: the material and the emotional as well as the spiritual.

Let's take the example of receiving a message that you need to become a vegetarian. For a meat eater, turning vegetarian can be daunting.

Guides will never leave you in the lurch if they introduce such a radical change. Soon They will suggest easy ways for you to eat well as a vegetarian. That's how guidance works. Your job is to listen and work toward integrating the advice. As you walk the new path, it will open up for you. For example, you will quickly find cheap and delicious ways to have more vegetarian meals.

This is not merely another way of saying, "Guides are always right and it's only your perspective that needs shifitng." Allowing guidance into your life will align your actions with the things that are good for you and your spiritual growth.

Maintain an awareness that guidance is given in the present, and that things in the world change rapidly. A guided reading, for instance, is like a single photo, but you live in a video. Even one reading can point you in the right direction, give you important information, and light your way.

Guidance works, but it doesn't stop you from working. There's nothing passive about being guided, it's just the start of new things. The main mesage of guidance, after all, is, "You are loved and guided." That never changes.

Thank you for asking!

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