How can you awaken the Buddha inside?

Question from a client: "What is a Buddha, and how can I awaken the Buddha nature inside of myself?"


A Buddha is a person who is awake.

Awake means mindful.

Awake means not letting your dreams (egoic illusions) interfere with your actions.

Picture a factory worker who must be precise in assembling a project.

If the worker is half-asleep, injuries could result.

Your role in awakening the Buddha within is vital; it's your choice, on a daily basis.

You are working with very delicate equipment -- your mind -- and what you're working on is very important -- it's your soul.

Please stay awake.

Notice when your mind drifts to old angers, stories about your past when you were hurt, with people who are long gone, or even dead.

Bring your mind back to the now, and find one small good thing to concentrate on.

Find something to do to make your world a better place.

Clearing yourself of resentment and focusing your powers on what you can do, in the present moment, to work for justice for yourself and others, is your Buddha superpower.

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