Question on Past Life Fears

Question of Past Life FearsQuestion: What can be done about fears from past lives which persist in this incarnation?

Dear Friend,

When you've sorted through most of your birth, childhood, and adult issues, and your slate is quite clean, but still you're riddled with angst, it can indeed stem from lives previous to this one. What should you do? You can use hypnosis, keep track of dream patterns, or do narrative therapy. There are many methods to explore past lives.

When some people work with hypnotherapists, they uncover specific details about the places where they lived and time periods, etc. If you use this therapy, we'd like you to seek out additional information.

The main question is, "What do you usually die from?" Do you repeatedly die from the same causes? Once you have ascertained your most common causes of death, your task in this incarnation will be to help current victims of these ways of dying. You can discover so much about yourself by finding out about the specific form of death you underwent before. You can defuse your own fears.

The next step would be to locate your nearest center for victims of torture, the Red Cross, or charity organizations, and ask how you can help with a donation or as a volunteer.

Also look at what you most fear losing now. If it is a loved one, or a relative, today sit down and write this person a letter saying what you value in the relationship.

If your greatest fear is losing money, your job, your reputaiton, your m mental or physical health, journal about your worst-case scenario. Paint the most frightening picture possible. Now look around and see how distant that "reality" is. List the many ways in which you are NOT living out your fears.

Don't let yourself give into "but if tomorrow I lose my job, as I'm sure I will, then,..." Stick with what's truly , concretly in front of you. Then express gratitude for what you have.

Sometimes fear is nameless, like a cloud that comes over you and engulfs you. Here is a suggestion: when you are in a safe place and the fear comes, put everything aside and let the cloud unleash its worst. Don't run to you usual sources of "comfort," but instead observe observe observe. "Buckle yourself in for the ride." Jot down notes as the different stages of the fear cloud build tup and happen.

Whenever the fear returns, try to describe it interms of all five senses. Is it spiky, or green, or on fire? How does it alter as you watch it? All things must change, and so will your fear. As it changes, it loses power as you continue to observe. Gradually it becomes less dramatic, even boring. Suddenly it goes away for now.

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