Question about angels and guides

Angels & GuidesHi Shannon,

Do you channel info from our angels - beings that have never been human and closer to God.

Or you channel from guides that have had a physical life?

I find that one of the answers were rather not really in line with the bible per se or those are rules more than spirit.


Hi Z,

I also find that some of the answers I hear are not what I learned exactly from the Bible, as I had quite a strong religious upbringing. For example, sometimes the advice will be to "get divorced," which I learned was not OK.

But maybe the marriage is abusive or about to become so?

I say exactly what I hear, without editing it, and then people come back to me years later and say that it worked... so I stick with that policy.

I DO strongly believe that the messages are coming from God, through whichever channels He chooses to use at that moment: angels, guides, saints, ancestors, and more. I can feel it, if you know what I mean, that I am in the presence of something holy that is *certainly* not myself.

Blessings, and hope that answer helped,

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