TonesToday we would like to teach you a simple technique. You can use musical tones to improve your mood and your concentration.

Some of you have already figured this out intuitively. You hum a little tune when you are working, and it provides a "soundtrack" to your activities. Actually, even the simplest tune can harmonize your chakras and allow the appropriate amounts of energy to flow through you at the correct rates.

What is one of your current complaints? Do you find it difficult to fall asleep? Do you have a hard time focusing on the task at hand? Do you feel anxious?

You don't have to be musical in order to find tones to soothe yourself. Imagine the scale and hum your way up it. Go slowly, and stop when one note resonates with you. You may feel an emotion spring up, and that's a good sign. Try humming this note to yourself (or silently in your mind). Use the same scale practice to add a second or maybe a third note.

You don't need many notes to make this work, three will probably do. It could be as simple as "do-re-mi." This is your "cure song," and you can use it whenever you need to. Vary the rhythm and match it to your breathing to meet your needs: faster to energize yourself, slower to relax. You will know that this song is working if it continues to give you a feeling of satisfaction and rightness.

Peace to you,

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