AccelerationToday's message is about acceleration.

Many of you are wondering how to contact your guides, how to hear their messages more clearly, and how to accelerate your spiritual growth. We commend you.

The ego was constructed to become obsolete. Eventually your Spirit will say "enough!" and you will rejoin the Source.

Your job right now is the following:

1. Expose the ego. The ego is a framework, like the interior beams of a building. Become aware that you are not the ego, although you live in the building.

2. Simplify your ego structure. Most people's ego structure looks like a mega-mall. Close down a few shops and pare down to the essentials.

How can you speed up this process? One way is to apply the metaphor of the building and the inhabitant to things you see all around you.

For instance, if a car is the ego, then the Spirit would be the driver, for what is a car without a driver but a big chunk of metal? If a radio is the ego, then music could be the Spirit.

Keep playing with this metaphor and notice this pattern of "who is the animator?" and "what is being animated?"

As you work on getting to know your own ego structure, you will learn how your Spirit wants you to grow.

We are with you.

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