We Are All Energy

We are all energyThe world is changing. You are now able to see what you could not before, that there are many layers of existence, all intertwined and linked, down to the smallest particle.

We are all energy. And all we are is energy.

Knowing this, you'll see how you are affected by other energies: light, sound, and love, for example. And how the ways in which you use and create energies affect others. The sounds you make -- the tone in which you speak, and the volume at which you play your music -- change the environment for you and others around you.

Another thing -- and this might seem like magical realism straight out of Like Water for Chocolate -- the attitude you take toward preparing food for yourself and others affects its energetic nutritional value. "Made with love" is for real. Remember this the next time you cook dinner or make a sandwich or even open a package to eat.

You can raise the vibrational level of food by grounding yourself (see How to Ground Yourself), then sending loving energy toward the food. You can also hum a warm, high-pitched tone at your food (or if you're in a restaurant, just imagine you're humming.

Always be thankful for receiving your food. Saying grace is a good way to demonstrate gratitude and raise the energy level of your food at the same time.

With love, The Guides

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