Question on Love

LoveQuestion from a message recipient: Could you please ask the guides about love in all its forms and human relationships?

Dear Friend,

Thanks for asking this question. Love is the most crucial act for all humans to contemplate and to live out.

It's not the number of people you love in your life, it's the amount and quality of love you give to each person you encounter that's most important.

If you find that on a particular day you feel too crabby to interact peacefully with your neighbor, make sure to do some meditation alone or take a walk by yourself. In that time apart, however, don't brood on the distance between you and the other person. Remember what you have in common, feel yourself longing to be near them, and re-discover the elements that make your relationships sparkle and glow.

Then cultivate in yourself the ability to receive that unique energy and foster its growth. That's what being a loving person is about.

You can do it.

With love and care for you, The Guides

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