CausationThis is a message to you from Spirit.

We would like to share with you our teachings about what is happening on the planet at present. You know there is a tremendous need for you to love each other, to be honest, to work on yourselves as individuals and on your relationships. You have heard about "creating reality," and some of you are interested in how the outer world reflects your innner world.

Does "reality creation" mean that you are the "cause" of war or famine or trouble even in your own neighborhood?

No, dear friends, you are not the cause of this trouble. There is no need to feel guilt or sadness about anything you have done. With regard to world problems, those negative feelings are not helpful, and they keep you feeling knocked down just when you need to access your higher power and to let your light shine through. So shrug off that negativity and let it drop to the earth. She can absorb many things.

So if you are not the cause of pain, how can you be the causal force behind hope and solutions? We believe that if you become the channels you need to be, you will indeed foster love and joy on the earth.

Suffering exists because you are stuck in old ways of thinking and feeling, left over from past experiences. It's hard to look at new relationships with hope and anticipation, for example, without remembering the reasons why old relationships ended, perhaps painfully for both parties.

Growth is inevitable for all living creatures, growth is the same as movement. Growing can be painful if we don't accept it, if we struggle against it. Pain is almost always physical. Suffering is the meta-pain, the anxiety about the growth. Suffering is mental or spiritual.

So do you "cause" your suffering? Not exactly, but you sometimes allow it to happen instead of stepping back and seeing that all is unfolding, changing, and growing at a natural pace and rhythm. Working in union with that rhythm will allow you to move through your life with much less actual pain. Ceasing to fret will allow you to experience your changes with less and less suffering.

There is injustice in the world. "Not fretting" and "working in union with natural rhythms" in no way implies giving up the struggle for justice for yourself and other people. You were not born to a life of misery but rather a harmonious existence with your neighbors and with the entire ecology of Earth. Working for peace is a noble calling and we strongly encourage you to continue the ways you cultivate peace at home, in your communities, and in your nations.

On a personal level, today, think about how you allow peace to flow through you or where you block it. Do you refuse to return the smile of someone you don't know because you are afraid of strangers? Based on your past experience, strangers might have been dangerous. Keep yourself safe in order to continue, survival is the prime operative. All this is normal, but you have gone into overdrive and are now shutting out potential sources of energy and opportunities to let peace flow through you.

Next time you are in a situation in which you could share a moment of friendliness or close down, evaluate the moment with your mind and then give your heart a chance to take a look. How far out on a limb are you willing to go today? What happens if you take that risk? Growth, change can be painful, but the more flexible you become, the more growth will give you a sensation of limberness and youth.

One of the keys to happiness is knowing when and how much to reach out. Each person has cycles of opening and closing. Look at your own seasons of hibernation and blossoming, and make sure you haven't been stuck in "sleep" mode for too long.

We wish you well! We are with you. The Guides

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