How to Contact Your Guides

Contact Your GuidesWe are pleased to be here with you and to share our messages with you.

Angels and Spirit Guides are around you all the time. In this message, we'd like to tell you about some ways in which you can tune in to helpful messages for yourself.

Remember, you have the ability to contact your guides at any time. You don't really need a medium or a spirit interpreter, although they can be helpful if you're just getting started, if you find yourself stuck, or if you have so little energy that you just can't rev yourself up to make contact.

Most advice on this subject will suggest you go to a quiet place where you won't be disturbed, light a candle and/or some incense, play some inspiring music, and meditate. That's a fine way to contact your guides, and it works.

However, you live very hectic lives. There are times when you need advice Right Now. Here are two ideas for these circumstances:

1. Take a deep breath and ask for help. Just say, "Help me!" or "Guides, can you help me?" or even, "Oh, God!" -- the shortest and most effective prayer there is. Help will come. It might not arrive in the timeframe or the way you expect it, but no sincere cry for help goes unanswered.

2. Close your eyes. Before you open them, ask to be shown some thing or sign or indicator to help you. there are many ways in which Spirit Guides can give you answers.

For example, guides can work through red and green lights on the street, or through other people's actions (someone pointing in the right direction), or through signs in shop windows, or through natural phenomena (a cloud in front of the sun, a squirrel running up a tree).

When you open your eyes and see something, first ask, "Is that a sign for me?" and feel in your stomach a sensation of confidence and possibility ("yes") or a sinking feeling ("no"). If you get a no, try again.

If you get a yes, you will have to interpret the sign. Take a guess, and check in your body for another yes/no confirmation. Then, when you're ready, take a shot at following this "hunch," "intuition," or, if you will, "sign." God helps those who help themselves.

Some people toss a coin for heads-or-tails. Some use a pendulum. Some open the Bible or a dictionary to a "random" page. Some consult runes or the I Ching. Some use kinesiology muscle testing to get a "yes" or a "no." All ways are possible to obtain guidance from Spirit.

Best Practices

We would like to make a couple of recommendations when seeking guidance.

Before you ask your 'real' question, ask permission. "May I inquire about this situation?"

You might find out that your topic is out-of-bounds. For instance, it might have to do with someone else's thoughts to which you are not privy at this time ("Does this person love me?")

Or, you might not need to know the answer now, in Spirit's assessment of your Highest Good ("If I quit my job, will I win the lottery?").

So before you ask, ask if you can ask.

Last, after you have finished communicating with Spirit, say "thank you!" It's polite, and it honors and respects the guides' energy.

That is all for now.

Peace, The Guides

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