Question on Expectations

Questions and ExpectationsQuestion:

While my reason can sometimes convince me that I do not hold any expectations, the reality is occasionally different. How can I discern better the subtle aspects of my life in which I try to convince myself I don't have any expectations when I actually do?


Humans always have expectations. The thing is, if you are going to have expectations, keep them positive but then don't be disappointed if they turn out differently.

Here is an example:

You want to go see an exhibition at a museum. You go down to the bus stop and you wait for the bus. You expect it to be on time. It is, or it isn't. But you keep your cool, there is nothing you can do about buses!

You take the bus (late or not) and you go to the museum. You are looking forward to seeing the exhibit, and you imagine what the work is like and you remember what you have read about the artist. The museum is closed because it's Monday, and you forgot. You keep your cool and don't beat yourself up for forgetting. Instead, you look around and wonder, "Well, here I am, what should I do now with this space of an hour that I had planned to spend at the museum?"

You expected things to go easily, and they didn't, but you don't get upset.

On the other hand, if you EXPECT that the bus is going to crash into a tree, you are inviting a lot of bad energy and fear into your life. You're probably not going to cause a traffic accident, but you are going to be sitting with a lot of unnecessary anxiety.

The main message is: keep your hopes up, but remain detached from the outcomes.

We are with you.

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