If I don't follow my guidance, am I offending my guardian angel?

When you first start becoming aware that you are receiving guidance from your inner wisdom, you might question whether you should follow it or not.

There are many different kinds of guidance: warnings, opportunities, commentary, compliments, to name a few.

As you get clarity and you discern your guidance, you might ask questions like the following:

If I don't follow my guidance, am I offending my guardian angel?

If I don't follow my guidance, will I get punished?

If I do follow the guidance, am I giving in to yet another external authority, rather than making up my own mind?

There are many paths up the mountain. You will eventually reach the top, no matter which way you go. Some paths are more efficient than others, meaning they take you through instead of winding around. These paths may appear steeper or rockier. However, when you are guided, there is nothing to fear.

As to whether guidance is "external" or "internal," think about your Higher Self, the soul sent to Earth to live in a human body. This soul struggles to cooperate with the human ego, to make sane choices in a complicated world, and to expand itself toward enlightenment.

Your Higher Self is eternal and has a direct line to universal wisdom. You are always protected by your guardian angel.

Taking guidance is an internal rather than an external process.

It means following your intuition, which knows what your true goals really are. There is no point in rebelling against your own best interests.

That said, your guardian angel is not offended if you choose not to follow its advice. Your guardian angel, and any spirit guides who are assigned to you, operate far beyond the ego state, and so they don't take your actions personally.

At the same time, your guidance does talk to you on purpose.

Your higher self never speaks without just cause.

Your guidance is showing you signposts toward the mountaintop and helping you on your way.

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