WillpowerToday we would like to share with you a message about willpower.

Your strength of will is what helps you get up in the morning. You feel a sense of necessity, you feel impelled to act. Sometimes this comes from external forces. For example, you might have children who depend on you. Sometimes this feeling comes from internal forces. For example, you might want to start an organization to solve a problem you've noticed in the world.

There might be days in which you just don't feel like getting up at all. You feel a lack of motivation, you feel purposeless. The questions that accompany this feeling are, "Who cares?" and "What's the point, anyway?"

At times, "being in the doldrums" can help you re-focus and decide whether you are on the right path.

External motivators are not enough to keep you going. You have to match external with internal, with your own willpower.

How can you strengthen your willpower? By aligning it with the will of Life.

The will of Life guides everything toward fruition. It is "right livelihood" in the Buddhist sense. In all that you do, you are helping yourself, helping others, and helping others to help others. Your work, your studies, your free time activities are all geared toward enlightenment.

This is not to say that you need be 100 percent serious 100 percent of the time. Joy is part of the path, and so are companionship, sharing, loving, and play. Underlying all your actions, however, is the one goal: being in harmony and aligning your willpower with the will of Life.

Attitude, action, reflection. Approach, interaction, reflection. Intention, contemplation, reflection. Let all your work be done with love for yourself and others. You will find your source of motivation in the Source of all.

Peace in motion.

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