Loneliness and You

LonelinessWhen you are feeling lonely, we would like to remind you that this is a red flag for you and your spiritual development.

As you probably know from experience, loneliness has little to do with the number of people you are near. It has much more to do with your interior state, how close you feel to yourself, and how in touch you are with your mission in life.

Loneliness is a serious indication that you need to change your direction. If you are very active, take a break. If you are lying around, go out and do something helpful for yourself or others.

The quickest cure for loneliness is sincerity. Engaging with someone else on a truthful level is the fastest way to re-center yourself. Tell them how you really feel, and communicate this as peacefully as possible. Listen carefully to what they say in response. Often, when you are being completely authentic, your Guides speak to you through others. If the words ring true and come from a place of love, take in this communication respectfully and process it.

With love,

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